Friday, October 20, 2017

Raav - Something Important

From their bandcamp: "Raav" is a project started by three artists:
Ronel Keren, Mika Doari and Shalom Gad.
The three of us are writers and singers.
Collaboration as a value is the main idea that we wanted to explore when we started working together.
We decided to see if we're able to record a joint creation after each one of us already has his/her own personal voice.
On the way, Assaf Koren joined and designed the final style of the album and many other good and talented friends joined and contributed their voices.
We said that the process is more important than the result, but we love the result much more than we expected.
This is an album that deals with a hunger for life and passion to create and it's a prelude to a larger project that will come later.

There's nothing important in this world that's easy to do
You sing like an angel and talk like a demon
You run like a hampster and walk quickly
You are a cat in the trash bin and talk without an o

There's nothing important in this world that's easy to do
You pass cars on the right and vote for the Left
You are a coward and courageous to lie to someone's face
You are cruel during the day and gentle at night

There's nothing important in this world that's easy to do
You press play and turn off your ear
You expect to hear and don't begin to listen
You go to a concert and don't listen to the words
You choose love and run away to hate
You sit on the bus and stand in your house alone
Waiting to be with her

There's nothing important in this world that's easy to do
There's nothing important in this world that's easy to be

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amos Zimmerman - If You Let Me In

"This EP is a photograph, a Snapshot of one week in May 2017. On that week I wrote all of these songs and recorded them soon after. It's a tale of a hope-filled heart, of an awakening."

If you let me in
I will bring the sea with me
We would float around
Holding on to one another

If you let me in
I will bring the moon with me
We would sleep so tight
Waking up to one another

So take your heart
And hold it tight
Tell it that the time has come
To try to open one more time
I'm waiting for your eyes to shine
I'm waiting for your eyes to shine

If you let me in
I will bring the sea in with me

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Alon Lotringer - A doll inside a doll

When David Pearl was 15 he came across 'Report from Occurrence', a slim book of poems by Yotam Reuveni, published in 1979. He stole the book from a library in Northern Israel and now, 15 years later, he is returning the poems to the public in the form of an impressive album titled 'The Most Beautiful Hour'. The album features 28 artists, some more known than others, each giving their own interpretation to Reuveni's intimate poems. I love how gentle this song by Alon Lotringer feels. Like a light drizzle that washes away all the mess outside.

I say what I don't know
What I know I keep
To myself when I go around
In these places
And at night when I call a child
To see
How I lock up the yearning
Inside myself a doll inside a doll
Inside a cracked doll I
Lock up my yearning inside myself

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Malabi Tropical - Coco Man

During the last week of August I became slightly obsessed with a certain Coco Man and followed Conan O' Brien's adventures in Israel (along with the rest of the country!). Now the full episode of Conan in Israel is here and it's so heartwarming to see how O'Brien isn't afraid to confront complex situations while treating everyone he meets with kindness and respect. If only I could hang out with Sami from Bethlehem!

Malabi Tropical never fail to put me in a good mood. They define themselves as a multicultural fiesta:"Our music represents, the fusion, and the evolution, of the multicultural societies in which we are inspired, imigrations have influenced all cultures and the result is the flavour, that can be tasted in all music, food, dance, art etc..."

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Haxxan - Between the River and the Sea

Indie City is back! It's such a delight to see musicians taking over unexpected spots in Jerusalem like the almost forgotten Natural History Museum. Check out other great Indie City videos here.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Weight - Overcome


There's a bouncer
at the oasis
There are celebrities
on your blacklist
You'll get your mind set
on the nearest stop
If this crazy horse
won't throw you off

Overcome, you will
Overcome, you will

I can't begin to think
what it would be like
missing all this fun
Who'll get my work done?
I'm the man who makes
all the noises
I'm the radio
that channels choices down

Overcome, you will
Overcome, you will

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ram Orion - A small smile

R.I.P Kol Hakampus. Thank you for making me feel at home in a strange land and for opening my heart to new sounds, voices, and ideas.

Placing a little butt
On a big suitcase
And traveling with lots of banknotes
You know
That I'm not here
The radio is beeping the news

If you said
What you needed to say,
What needs to happen has happened
And if not,
Don't think about it,
The year 2000 is over

Cursing the dust, shedding tears
The path isn't easy to get to
You know I was wrong, I have no complaints
Just smile a little smile

You would like to
Tie my hands
And shout Fu-kaki-kooki
You know
That I'm not here
The radio is beeping news
(It's 5 o' clock again!)

Cursing the dust...

The banknotes are flying from my hand
This island is so far from you

Taken from Ram Orion's album 'Yes'.